Are You Ready to Captivate Your King in 2018?

Happy New Year 2018 ChampaigneWelcome to 2018!

It’s a brand new year, ladies.  This is one of my most favorite times of the year.  It’s the time when the slate is wiped clean and we have the opportunity to write a new story or change the ending to an old one.

It’s the one time a year we as women are the most forgiving of ourselves.  That’s right generally speaking 360-ish days of the year we are really judgmental, critical, unforgiving, and generally harsh towards our bodies, our actions, our words – both spoken and unspoken, our habits . . . as women, we basically beat ourselves up until we either simply give up or buckle under the self imposed pressure to be perfect.

Then a few days before and after the start of a new year, we become incredibly forgiving. We acknowledge how far we’ve come and where we want to go. Our faith in ourselves is restored we set magnificent BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and 10 days in we are back to beating ourselves up for making such a ridiculous goal in the first place.

Well, nuts to that!

This year, let’s take a page from the latest book The One Thing and pick the one thing that would mean the most, propel us the farthest, be the most fulfilling, and leave us deeply satisfied.

For some of us it may be a embarking upon a new career, buying a house, taking that dream vacation, or finally getting that dream car we’ve been fantasizing about.

But let’s face it, if you are on my mailing list, follow me on Social Media, or reading this blog you are a smart, successful, savvy woman who will likely achieve all that and more. 

What your soul is longing for, is a love life that rocks!  

couple kissingWhat you truly want, is to attract the love of your life so you can share all of that hard won success.  And that’s not to say you don’t share it with family and friends, but we know, it’s not quite the same as sharing it with your man.  That special someone that gets you, sees you, holds you, loves you.  The One who is the warrior for your heart and the lover of your soul.

Well this year, I’m making in my mission to help as many ladies as I possibly can attract and captivate the love of her life, the heart of her King.  I am committed to standing for REAL (romantic, enlightened, authentic, and lasting) love and sexy soulful partnerships for years to come.




I’ve dedicated my FB Group to teaching you the secrets that men will never tell you and your girlfriends don’t know.  The best of the best is all there for Y-O-U.  Including direct access to me (I hang out here the most when I’m online).  It’s for ladies only so don’t worry your secrets are safe with me.  Go here now to check it out!

Your story has not yet been written; or for those of you in a relationship and wanting a change, your story has been finished.

It is never too late to declare a “do-over”, to wipe the slate clean, and begin again with a fresh perspective, a renewed commitment towards love, romance, partnership, relationship and men.

All you need to do to begin again is to believe; to believe that love is possible for you, for your man, at any time, any place, any age, any stage of life.

And I am here to help!  This year, I am committed to helping my ladies in every way I can to finding true love, REAL love, and lasting partnerships with her One, her true King.

And to do that I’ve got lots of things planned for you, including:

💗 Introducing The Seven Habits of Highly Attractive Women

💗 21 Day Journey of Sensual Self Care

💗 Live Events in February and March

💗 Love Calls – A PRIVATE Call with me to ask Your Most Burning Relationship Question and Get it Answered

💗 Live Stream Trainings

💗 Webinars

💗 And Special Guests Trainings

And that’s not all!!

There will be opportunities for one-on-one and group coaching to make sure you have EVERY opportunity to Captivate Your King in 2018.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss a minute of what I’ve got planned for you!

This is is going to be the year; your year.  

Let’s make it reign . . . men!

To Your Love,

Coach Ivy

P.s. Remember my best goodies are shared in my FB Group. Click here to join!

P.s.s. If you really want to kick it up a notch, join my private mailing list.  All my ladies who are serious about captivating her king connect with me there.  You’ll get fresh content, tried and proven methods to enhance attraction and engage in soulful partnerships, not to mention all my best offers, and discounts get offered here first.  Click here to join now!

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