Compromise Kills Relationship – Tolerate Nothing!

Always wear your invisible crown

If you watched #dateniteRx on my Coach Ivy FB page this week, you probably know I feel strongly about this one.

When we compromise our standards, our requirements, we sell out on our dream of a REAL (romantic, enlightened, authentic, and lasting) love. We “settle’ for what we think we can get, instead of standing for what we know we deserve.

It is important to understand the impact of that when we are dating.  If there’s one place you want to stand your ground this is it!!

Tolerations drain you.  Over time, tolerations are the gremlins in a relationship that steal your affection, desire, and connection with your partner.  Think about 20 years of putting up with something you never liked in the first place. You are headed for a massive explosion, one your partner won’t understand since you’ve been “putting up with it” and “suddenly” it’s not good enough, nerve-wracking, or irritating.

Where you start in relationship is how you maintain or end.  If the jumping off point starts with something you don’t like or is a standard you’ve compromised on, it’s not likely to get better; in fact, it may even be the thing that causes the relationship to end or a significant contributing factor to the demise of the relationship.

This also teaches your partner how to treat you. If you’ve accepted this behavior, idiosyncrasy, or habit he may believe you like, appreciate, or even desire this type of behavior in other areas of your life.  If he’s jealous of men at your work, he may think you find this attractive and demonstrate this behavior when it’s inappropriate or even offensive, like with co-workers or your children.

And lastly, you devalue your worth when you settle.  You are telling men you can be bought for less than you are worth.  And when you sell out on your value, you sell out on the having the quality man you want and the relationship you deserve.

Do not allow the gift of your femininity, your spirit, your love, your Queenly essence to be purchased so cheaply.

Don’t settle.


Stand for being treated with courtesy, respect, going on a date (not just coffee), being called (not just texted), gentlemanly behavior, and being a prominent thought, not an afterthought.

Stand how you want to be treated, adored, cherished and loved.

Do not accept behaviors that are not in line with being the Queen you know yourself to be.  A true King respects and values the woman who values herself. The minute you devalue your worth by accepting less than you deserve, you tell him that you are NOT the Queen he believed you to be.

Remember Kings are looking for Queens.

Tolerate nothing!

And watch your King treat you like Queen you are.

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