Be Unapologetically Y-O-U!

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In 9 Ways to Make Bringing Your Sexy Back More Fun and Exciting than Christmas Morning tip #4 is endorse your worst weakness.  This is really about the value of being fully you in the dating interaction.

It is key that you own who you are, and who you are not when dating.  There is nothing worse than going out on a date, really connecting, or even falling in love, only to discover that nothing about the person is real, or that they’ve been showing you all the good stuff and hiding all the stuff that they think makes them look bad.

It’s even worse if you’re the one doing the hiding.  First, it’s dishonest. Second, it’s deceptive. And, third, it’s draining.  The amount of energy required to keep up a facade is significant. Further, your chickens always come home to roost, and usually, at the worst possible moment.

Endorsing your worst weakness is really about owning who you are, warts and all. Whoever you are, show yourself, your real self, and allow the other person an opportunity to see, know and witness the real you.  This is really is the true measure of whether or not you can be in a relationship. After all, if two representatives show up to the date, you can’t truly know if the relationship can work until the real you and the real him come out to play.

Showing the real you is a sign of confidence, which as we know is the new sexy.  It means you can skip the drama, the games, the manipulation and go straight to the fun and adventure of dating. Sending your “decoy” to the date instead of showing up as yourself adds a layer of complication that doesn’t need to be there.  Moreover and most importantly, it erodes trust from the very beginning. Explaining why you did or didn’t do something, it’s much harder than just saying what’s true for you from day one.

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So own it – whatever “it” is!

No, you don’t want kids, because you already have four.

You aren’t a great cook.

But you are an exceptional mom.

You love Marvel movies.

And, fight for animal rights.

You love MMA and couture.

You don’t do dishes and buy groceries online.

And, make your grocery list ole skool with pen and paper.

Salsa makes you feel sexy.

And, you work out to rock.

You’ve got issues with your mom, but you’re working on them.

And, you’ve been trying to lose that last 15 pounds since your kid was 15 months.

No, I am not suggesting you unload this on the first date.  BUT, you don’t hide it or pretend something different either.

Whoever you are, and whoever you are not, be unapologetically you.  And, give him the opportunity to fall unapologetically in love with the real Queen that you are.  Check out more on this topic on #dateniteRx.

Want more insight on how to find love in a  fun exciting way, join my FB group Dating 201: Divorced and Single Again a group where smart, savvy, successful women dare to date with delight!


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