21 Days of Exquisite Self Care

Hello Ladies and Welcome to 21 Days of Sensual Self Care!

21 DayWe are going to dive deep into Sensual Self-Care.  Get ready for decadent, delicious, indulgence as we nurture and nourish ourselves with pleasure.  Yes, I said pleasure.  We are going to take care of ourselves for the joy and pleasure of it.  Not because we have to (although we do “have to” on some level) but this journey is about doing things we want to because it just makes us feel amazing!  We are going to allow the deliciousness to land!

You already know you need to, you just want some support (or permission) to do it.  Well this is it!  This is your support and I give your permission to enjoy the decadence and the delight of this journey!

Imagine…if you would . . . just for a second, feeling soft, sexy, sensual in your own skin.  

Think of it . . . you will:

-let go;





-taste good food;

-smell lovely scents;

-release tension;


-laugh; and

-actually allow yourself to experience the delight and deliciousness of pleasure.


Imagine that in just 21 days you could be the woman, who feels good from the inside out; who is lit up, and radiant, yet relaxed and at peace feeling the deliciousness of simply being in her own skin.

Sounds good?  Join the Experience – The 21 Day Experience of Exquisite Self Care, starting this January 14, 2018.  This Journey takes place exclusively in my FB Group – Successful and Single, for ladies who have it all and are looking to attract her king to share her throne.  Click here to join!

Of course every group has benefits.  Here are yours:

  • It’s easy.  Join the group, be encouraged.
  • It’s convenient.  It’s virtual.  No place to go.  No appointments to make or keep.  Check in each day, share your thoughts and progress.  Go at your own pace.
  • It’s affordable.  Hey, it doesn’t get better than no cost.
  • Get support/be supportive.  Read positive messages, post positive messages.
  • Be held accountable.  Check in and let us know how you are doing.  We will check in and ask how you are doing.
  • It’s quick.  All it takes is 10 -15 minutes a day or less.

It’s fun, easy, and free.  

Click here to join the group!


To Your Love,

Coach Ivy

P.s. Our next journey starts January 14, 2018.  Click here to join the Experience.