Coach Ivy is an author, speaker, teacher, facilitator, dating, and relationship, life coach.  Founder of the Makeovermylife.me coaching program, a sacred feminine and spiritual approach to living a dynamic life filled with passion and purpose drizzled with delight and deliciousness, Coach Ivy seeks to inspire all to live an empowered life that inspires the spirit and satiates the soul.

“I have helped women (and men) date and relate with confidence, first with themselves, then with the loves of their lives.”

Coach Ivy takes a holistic approach to coaching, integrating spiritual, emotional, physical, conscious, metaphysical, and energy principles, creating a practical approach that honors the whole person.  Her coaching focuses on the self-care, self-empowerment, and spiritual balance, allowing individuals to produce fulfilling results in all areas of life.

“As a coach, I know that a fulfilled woman, is a radiant woman, a confident woman, an irresistible woman.  And an irresistible woman lives a life of confidence, unapologetic for her passions and preferences.“

Coach Ivy has written number articles published in The Huffington Post, Black Life Coaches, YourTango, and appeared as a guest on The Kathy B Show BlogTalk radio show and Let’s Talk Live TV show in DC.  She has presented and delivered numerous workshops for several fortune 500 companies, a university and the Maryland Association of Private Colleges & Career Schools.

Her coaching practice is offers a variety of coaching methods including phone, skype, and in person one-on-one sessions, as well as semi-private closed group sessions in my local area (Baltimore-Washington Metro).

Not sure what’s best for you? Set up a coaching consult, or just send a quick question via this website, email, or social media sites.  Her goal is to ensure everyone gets the service they need at the level that works for them.

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