A Letter to Men

Fellas –

In this dog eat dog world  you guys get a bad rap. And most especially from women. We are hard on a brother. And generally not because of anything you did, but because of the long line of “sit down” fellas that preceded you. There are very few rights a passage for men in this day an age. At least for American men with few exceptions.

This cycle begins with fathers, who may not have been around at all; or if/when they were, they half-assed being a daddy as their fathers had before them. Not out of malice or a lack of love, but a lack of instruction or know how. And let’s face it fellas, you can give what you don’t have, or teach what you don’t know. The best of you reach out, figure it out, and commit to being a better man than those before you. The rest, I personally think are simply lost in their own struggle(s) with no one to show them them way. I’m not man, but my guess is just like being a woman, without someone to show you the way, the journey is long, hard, and the ass-kickings frequent.
For women dating those dudes it looks like, (or feels like) anything and everything from being with a guy who simply has no integrity – i.e. does not honor his word, or trying not to project your frustrations from that last “sorry” so-and-so who lied, cheated, couldn’t or didn’t commit, used her, or all of the above.  


Throw in the the hundreds of hits you get from the less than honorable gentle-”men” online, and what you have is a generation of women who have lost faith in a man’s ability to be a man; or a “good” man however she defines it.


With no hope to meet the man of our dreams, we fully installed our “bitch-shield”, and pray for the best. This is that wall of resistance, anger, bitterness, distance, or disdain that you guys probably encounter as early as the first phone call.
Years of training have taught us not to believe, not to trust, not to open to a man, because we know that in the end, we’ll be the ones listening to One Last Cry by Brian McNight, drowning our sorrows in Hagen Daaz. 


Years of practice have harden our once soft hearts, making it damn near impossible for a man, any man, great, good, or in-progress, to get in without scaling the fortress of judgment, fighting dragons of the past, only to be required to give us a kiss of pure love and commitment before you even know our name.


And, it’s not fair.


No we shouldn’t judge you based upon our experience of the past, but if that’s all we’ve got, and we girl’s feel justified in protecting ourselves. I’m not saying it’s right. I’m saying that’s how it is.


And it’s not just women, that give men a bad rap, it’s society at large. There are no television shows with strong men. All the sitcoms portray men as idiots, or being controlled by women. The women earn the money and run the family.


All of the drama’s have men as players, or if they are in a relationship they are liars, cheaters, or abusers or have to come to some crisis of belief before they “fall” in love and “discover” that she is the one.


Romance novels paint unrealistic pictures of the “perfect” man leaving women to ponder “Where the hell is this dude?”


Reality shows give us the scarcity take on relationships – i.e. there are very few men in the world in general. And the few that exist are out either out of our league (all millionaires in LA, or 22 years old software geniuses who’d rather play video games), or we’ll have to scratch and claw our way through 20 women to get to one good single man in our office, church, singles group.


Self-help books tell you to work on yourself and don’t worry about the man at all. He’ll either show up or if he doesn’t, eventually you won’t care. So embrace being lonely and like it.

Well, I don’t believe it! I don’t believe all men are players, commitment-phobes, or idiots; I don’t believe that men aren’t capable of real intimacy, real connection, and mature relationships; and I sure as hell don’t believe that men don’t want intimacy, partnership, and love.


 What I DO believe is that we’ve made it impossible for men, masculine men, to show themselves,and be appreciated. 


That holding a door gets you a nasty look. Offering to carry a package, gets you a nasty comment, and offering a compliment or comment about her beauty or feminine charms gets you slapped.


I get it. It’s not easy to be a man today. It’s not easy to have your masculinity accepted, appreciated, llet alone celebrated.
And you know what? You know what the real truth is?
Women are DYING to see MEN!! We are LONGING to know you exist. 


We want to see you.


We NEED to see you.


We want to witness your masculinity.


We want to revel in it, be protected by it. This isn’t about taking us back to the 1920’s where all there is for women is the kitchen and the bedroom. This is about showing up as the full power of masculine men in the face of the fullness of a feminine woman.  
It’s about a man being able to be in the presence and accept all of me/us as woman and still be in your masculine. There is NOTHING sexier that a man holding his full masculine presence energy in the full expression of a woman. 
It is this expression of masculinity that we want to see, need to see. We ladies are looking for our compliment, our rock, and our champion.


We want to see men; men who lead and men who love; men who laugh and men who cry. Men who father and men who parent. Men who keep their promises, and men who act with generosity as well as ferocity.


We need to know that you actually exist, that the there is real possibility for lasting and loving relationship with a grown a*s man, capable of grown up love.
Yeah, I know some of you say yeah, I’m that guy and women don’t want me, like me, or the package I come it. They are condescending, commanding, demanding, and downright domineering. And frankly no one has time for the nonsense.
Hey, I hear you. And I write this letter as someone has to make the first move.  
We have to see with better eyes and engage with an open heart.

And my request of men is to stand firm in the fullness of your masculinity.
Maybe just maybe we can meet in the middle.


So MEN . . . Show Yourselves . . .


Men of integrity, show us that you can honor his word and your needs..


Men of strength, offer to help me with my packages. In fact, insist. Show me that this man never lets a woman struggle when your strong arms and take the weight.


Men of tenderness, lend me your shoulder when you hear the sadness of my voice. Wipe my tears with your gentle hands when they spill onto my cheeks. Show me you can handle my sadness even when it’s inconvenient and you can’t fix it.


Gentlemen, hold my doors, offer your arm when we are walking, request a call to so you know I’m home safe. Help me with my coat, take my hand when I’m stepping into and out of your car. Gently usher me into a building with your hand in the small of my back, and present me as someone meaningful in your life to friends and family.


Lovers learn what pleases and pleasures me. Don’t just “understand” that my body needs more time, honor that, support that, usher me to fulfilment, allow me to completely surrender to your touch.


Protectors don’t be afraid to stand up to me and for me. If I’m being a shrew, gently remind me of who I am, and remind me of who you are, my man, on my side, loving me always. Stand for me when we face the world. Have my back, don’t leave me out there uncovered, unprotected, vulnerable. Stand with me when we create our lives. Be a stand for our relationship, fight for us, protect the sanctity of our relationship against internal threats infidelity, boredom, routine, and outside threats – non-supportive family and friends, tragedy, sadness, health issues, family crisis, and demanding careers. 


Providers create a safe space for me to be me, for me to be loved exactly as I am exactly as I am not. Do your share to contribute to our lives emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and financially. Create as space me to flourish and blossom.


Fathers show me you can be a dad, present for your children, respectful of their mother no matter your status. That you can be emotionally available and financially responsible for any child you have brought into this world. That YOUR children are important to you and a part of your life. That you refuse to contribute to the next generation of women who can’t see a man as a gift.


Leaders share your relationship vision, your life’s mission. Let me see that you are actually going somewhere doing something. That your aren’t self-absorbed but rather a self-advocate for all. That you know what you want, and aren’t afraid to go after it, no matter what it is, including me. That you aren’t afraid to lead me, to lead a relationship, to lead a family into a life of love. It may not be a perfect life, but you can be counted on to be there making choices with me in the trenches, in the moments when life is rough. 
Your masculinity belongs to you. Of course you don’t need a woman’s permission to express or give your gifts. I also know the world is not making it easy for you to show up fully, present as masculine. Women have been conditioned not to trust the masculine with our bodies, with our hearts, with our hopes, fears and dreams. Now more than ever we need you to show up, stand up as the full expression of masculinity; as warriors for truth, champions of children, protectors of family; as leaders, as lovers, and as friends.
I know you are out there. 

Show yourselves.

You will be welcomed.

Top 5 Traits that Will Attract Any Man

Ok, it goes without saying that men are visual creatures. So this won’t be an article that tells you what you need to do to improve your biology and physicality. I’ll leave that to Shape and Vogue. I think we all know that being a part of the hunter gatherer tribe known as the human race, good health is a major attractor factor and traits like hair, skin, nails, teeth all play a part in overall attractiveness. Then genetics take over and we can add eyes, hip to waist ratios, your radiant smile, and graceful posture and you’ve got the ingredients to become a goddess. Throw in a bit of decoration and accentuation and your presence packs the visual gut punch you’ve to bring most men to their knees.

But looks aren’t everything. All that biology is really about initial attraction, and that’s the easy part. Add a dash of chemistry and you definitely have the makings of a hot one night stand or weekend bone – nanza (like what I did there?). But what turns your Mr. Right Now, into Mr. Now and Forever? How can we turn his desire, into delight? What is it that makes a woman the total package, that something that will hold his attention beyond diner and drinks and after sex?

I thought you might ask that. So here are seven traits that almost every man wants in his women.

  1. Kindness: Yeah this one blew me away. It’s so simple but I suspect in today’s fast food, “me/I” society, it’s harder to come by than we think. Almost every reference I pulled up had this one listed in some form or another. One even reference a major study of 10,000 men where this was the number one trait. A man pays attention to how you treat others and how you treat him. It’s all about the little things, being on time, being polite to friends, family, servers, people really, being thoughtful and concerned about more than just your needs. Kindness translates into consideration. And all men (and women too) want to be with someone who is considerate of their needs, wants, and wishes.
  2. Passionate (about something or everything): Men want to see your passion, the thing that lights you up from the inside. The cause that calls you forward; the injustices you want to make right; the unwavering love you have for animals; the quirky obsession you have with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Your passion is what makes you interesting. It’s the fire that gives your radiance. It gives you something to share and shows him something unique about you. And at the end of the day, in spite of what all the magazines and reality shows try to tell you about simply being a babe in a bikini, turns out, being you, quirky passions and all, is the ultimate attractor factor.
  3. Sense of Humor: Ok I think this one is self-explanatory. No one wants to be with a stick in the mud. If you can laugh at yourself, then you can laugh with him (make sure it’s not at him – no one likes that), Trust me ladies, if you take yourself and these guys too seriously, you will end up single for the rest of your life. If you simply take a step back and breathe, you’ll find yourself laughing at the hilarity of this thing we call dating, this journey called relationships. Dating and being in a relationship is one of the most entertaining human experiences there is. Think about how many books, movies, tv sitcoms, commercials, and reality shows have been written to do just that. Like the book says, don’t sweat the small stuff, and may the farce be with you! And yeah, I crack myself up, lol!
  4. Appreciative: Take the time to show and tell your man how much you appreciate him. If you want him to keep coming back acknowledge him for the big things for sure, and more importantly the small things. This will ensure you get more of all things. This is especially true if you are in a long-term relationship. Studies show men in long term relationships feel more criticised than appreciated. Want him to stick around? It’s import that he is acknowledged for that the man he is and his contributions to you as a woman. No sky-writing or seven course meals are required. A simple thank you, a smile, or loving touch will do.
  5. Honesty: Ok ladies this can be tough for us, not because we aren’t honest, but because the truth is hard; hard to say, and hard to hear. And at the end of the day, both men and women report wanting honesty in their relationships. The truth gives us choice. The truth gives empowers us. The truth takes a level of evolution and maturity in relationship. The truth builds intimacy and respect. Without truth, you cannot have real lasting love. Without truth you are constantly working to keep up the facade of who you think he wants, rather than allowing him to see the beauty in the truth of who you are. The key here is to share your truth in love and with respect. Let your words be kind (see number 1) and your touch be appreciative (see number 4) while the truth falls from your lips like a gentle rain. Trust me, he won’t be able to resist you.

There you have it ladies. Not rocket science. No magic bullet, or potion required. Men appreciate the simple things. Offer your most authentic version of these traits and watch him move from desire to delight by having you as his lady.

The Purpose in My Pain – Part III

I was hurt.  

My divorce was devastating.  

The kind of devastating that makes you sit and simply wonder “Why?”  No other questions, just why?

Why me?fractured-heart

Why him?

Why us?

Why now?

It was the single defining question that has shaped my life and led me to my purpose.  

And the answer I came up with was even more gut wrenching.

“Why not you, him, us?”

Growth isn’t about making everything in your life perfect; it’s about what you do when life goes to hell on a rocket.  

I realized I’m not the only woman who’s been cheated on.

It’s not only men who cheat; women cheat too.

I’m not the only person who got divorced.

My husband was divorced too.

He was hurting too.

We were hurting.

Our family and friends were hurting, watching “us”, break apart, crumble, disintegrate.

It was no longer about what happened.  It was about what now?

And that question changed the game.

That question upgraded my thinking from victim to victor.

Hurt people, hurt people.  I didn’t want to hurt anymore, and most importantly, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. Both had consequences beyond what I was willing to pay.  I wanted to be healed.  I wanted to be loved.  I wanted to know love, attract love to become Love.

I wanted to come out of my cave; the safe comfortable cocoon I’d built for myself.  I wanted to live my life in the sunshine, in the wind, and in the rain; to move with the pulse of life, dancing in the key of life, stumbling, falling, and getting up to twirl again.  I wanted to be open, expressed, seen for all the things I am, and more importantly, accepted for the things I am not.

And, I was terrified. (Hell, I still am.)

Still it was this relationship, this ending, that gave me my beginning.  This fork in the road that put me on the path to my purpose, that ushered my own personal growth and development.  It was this defining experience, that gave me the courage to check my ego at the door and consider someone else’s challenges and issues besides my own.  It’s this healing process that had me actually consider the role I played in all the scenarios.  That made me consider that I was a not simply a supporting actor in this movie, I was in fact, a star, The Star.

When I took a look at the roles I’d played all my life with men, I didn’t like what I saw.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not justifying infidelity, cheating, affairs, emotional or otherwise.  AND, when it does happen, it’s not always about being selfish.  It’s often about the other person’s driving need for something lacking in their lives, and often times that “something” is even unknown to them.

I realized that I was so angry, so hurt, so triggered, by my own childhood wounds, I never stopped to ask questions that would have been, could have been, healing for us both.

That while monogamy, commitment, and marriage are preached, and verbally supported, so is infidelity, manipulation, and emotional vampirism.  That the no one really gives you, me us, the tools to create an intimate romantic relationship, let alone a successful marriage, and thriving family.  No one teaches you how to secure and protect your marriage from anything until the threat has already invaded the sanctity of your union.

That there is no formal education, group chat/therapy, coaching that is ingrained in the fabric of our society that teaches us how to relate to ourselves let alone a partner with Authenticity, Vulnerability, soulfully Listening and fully Witnessing.  Actually being a partner who holds space, gives or allows space for the emotions of others, good and bad, the gentle and the powerful, without taking them on, or fearfully backing away to defend, deflect, or deny.

There is no school for us to learn to allow our own humanity, and be with another’s.  We spend our whole life learning how to be better at the roles we play  child, teen, young adult, college student, employee, manager, director, wife, mother, husband, father, lover.  We do not embrace the totality of these roles as our human experience, as part of the fabric that makes us who we are each and every day.  If we cannot embrace the places within ourselves that are hurt, afraid, timid, or weary how will we know how to embrace our partners?  If we cannot forgive and accept the challenges in our own lives, how will we extend grace to our lovers?

If we want to be connected boundlessly without depth or form to one another we have to be willing give 100% to one another without the fear of judgement or shame.  We have to allow ourselves to be seen for who we are warts and all.  We have to witness the lives of others and share our own.  In short we have become love for ourselves and then allow love to and from another.

It is this evolution, this openness, this expression of humanity that I came to.  For when we can truly be ourselves, and love ourselves first and foremost, the next and easiest logical step is to love another; without expectation, attachment or obligation. We know that like ourselves, others want to allow and become love as well.  They too are on their own journey seeking and witnessing love.

Each time I encountered my former husband, I was confronted.  It wasn’t just about who he was or what he did, it was about who I was, how I felt, and responded.  And each time there was tension or upset, I was forced to go back and sit with the dark places I didn’t love within myself.  

Anyplace there was a wound, a dark secret, a shame, an unfelt or unearthed belief I held about myself, his comments, even the positive ones could occur like a slap in the face.  Not because he was trying to hurt me, but because I was already hurting.  

Today, my daughter’s dad and I have a great relationship.  No bullsh*t!  It’s not perfect.  Far from it.  I still unearth wounds in his presence that I didn’t know were there.  But with each new discovery, I get closer and closer to the real Ivy.  And that is why my divorced saved my life.  It revealed the Real Ivy; the beauty of me and the ugliness that I’ve denied or hidden.

I realized that he is still the soul of kindness, tenderness, and gentleness.  He is protective and patient.  And although no longer a lover, he is still a partner and co-parent of my 15-year-old daughter.  I have come to believe we aren’t meant to be soul-mates in the romantic sense, but soul-mates on the journey through life as parents, friends.  

Through the years we’ve created this rich tapestry of learning, healing, growing, and evolving with one another, through the pain of our divorce and in the joy of parenting our child.  Each interaction is filled with emotions ranging from pain to joy and many feelings in between.  And it is this process, this relationship that has defined me in immeasurable ways. When you have someone in your life that triggers a range of human reactions, pay attention.  These are the relationship that have your see yourself; the good, the bad, and the galactically f-ugly.

There is magic in your misery; transformation in your tears; a purpose in to your pain.  

When I saw the whole of me, I realized what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I wanted to help other see the whole of them.  I wanted to be an usher, a guide to those who are in, or were in that same dark place of coming face to face with their real selves. I want to be a catalyst for healing, for exposing and revealing your highest good, my highest good, our highest expression of love in the world.  I want to help people heal their wounds so they don’t create sores and bruises for others. I want to help parents get past their need to punish former lovers and partners for not being the person they wanted them to be; to stop punishing their children because their marriage ended in divorce.  More importantly I want to help people stop punishing themselves for their failures; to drop the victim stories and emerge a victor; to let go of the trials and embrace their triumphs.

Eckart Tolle said it best.  “Relationships aren’t meant to make you happy.  They are meant to make you conscious.”  Even the best relationships drive up the worst in us.  Even the most loving husband or wife has made mistakes, has done things, been someone, they are not proud of.  The question is, when this happens, what are you prepared to do?  Who do you become when life tests your commitment to your marriage, your word, your vision?  

People always ask why I divorced. I tell them because we choose ourselves and not the marriage.  That is the truth.  We would have suffocated one another had we stayed married.  Never realized our full potential because we were too busy becoming someone we hoped would make the other person happy rather than evolving into who we were born to be.

I’m not advocating divorce.  I am advocating self-awareness, growth, and wholeness.  It’s not your status, but your interaction lover that causes your true nature to be revealed to you, and others.  

I am a Coach.  I didn’t become one, I was always one.  It just took this experience to reveal to me in no uncertain terms who I am, and what I stand for.  I am the person who advocates for the highest good in all interactions.  I am the person who encourages all to commit to their own vision of life; to deal with others with compassion and to act with integrity in all relationships. I advocate win-win-win in all of life.  Your win, is my win, is our win; and our win, is a win for our children, our children’s children, and therefore the world.  

I am stand for the people to do what it takes to be whole, healed, healthy contributions to the world community using their gifts and talents to further our human existence. I am your wing (wo-)man, your number 2, your cheerleader, your prayer warrior, your healer, a believer the fulfillment of your dreams, and unequivocal belief in value of your vision.  In short, I got your back, because I am the coach that stands for you to confront, to evolve, to embrace the real you.

Losing the relationship, doesn’t mean you have to lose the lesson.


My Divorce Saved My Life

Part II – Divorce

I never met a man that both pulled me out of my introverted cave and made me want to run into it all at once.  He was the soul of kindness, tenderness, and gentleness.  He was protective and patient.  I felt safe and scared all at the same time.  It was exhilarating.

I not only trusted him with my body, I trusted him with my secrets.  My fears.  The stories that haunted me.  Deep wounds of being molested, ignored, unappreciated, unseen, unheard, desperate, and haunting tales of a little girl struggling to become a woman, to find her place in this world.  He listened, and he gave me a place in his world.  That was all It was the best feeling in the world.

I had a solid definition of myself then.  Not because of him, because of me.  I remember being clear about what was important to me, standing for what I wanted, and committed to the fact that nothing would interfere with that.  Over time, the grip I had on my dreams loosened, and little by the dreams I’d held as individual, as a woman, floated away.  Dreams of a home, family surfaced.  It became the dream for which I was willing to give up all other dreams.  It was the thing, the vision I held in my heart as tightly as I held on to this man, this relationship.  For all that I wanted hinged on his wanting me and wanting this vision too.  

I never really asked if he wanted it, I just assumed that he did.  He never said he didn’t. But he never said he did either.  So we coasted along creating the life I thought we both wanted, the life we were “supposed” to create.   

Then one day, all of what we built was destroyed, like the ocean crashing down on castles built in the sand.  I felt the current pull me under and I was drowning.  In sorrow, in loss, in betrayal.  In the pain of “again”?  In the question of “Is this really happening?”  In the anger of “Why is this happening?” And like being caught in the current, I closed my eyes and held my breath and hoped that the sand swirling around me would subside, that the waters would recede and that I’d be able breath again.  

When the waters finally receded, the sand settled, and I finally could breathe, it hurt.  It hurt to simply take in fresh air.  It hurt to get up and move on.  It hurt to know I’d once again opened, trusted, loved, and been betrayed, reduced.  I retreated back to my cave and I hid.  I hid from friends, from family, from work, from life.  The only person I didn’t hide from was my daughter.  But of course there’s no risk in loving kids, right?  Children instinctively love their parents unconditionally and with vigor and fervor.  She was the new love of my life, the only light in this dim cave of my existence.  I felt physically and mentally exhausted.  All the hard work, prayer, wishing, and willing couldn’t change the fact that my friend, my lover, my husband had betrayed me. Friendship, commitment, in fact love, had betrayed me yet again.  My marriage was over.  My dream was dead.  And the flower that I had become wilted and over the next four years, until it dried up and died.

It remains the most painful experience I’ve had to this day.

And was likely the very thing that saved me from myself.

Stay tuned . . .

What do Infidelity and Divorce Have to do with Purpose?

Part I – Infidelity

I felt like I had been kicked in the gut.

He’d had sex with her.  

Bragged about it.  

He told all of our friends.

And he’d lied to me.

He was my friend.

He was my lover.

And he betrayed me.

We grew up together.  I’d known him since I was a kid, a child.  I thought that would protect me.  I thought the bonds of friendship would override biology.  I thought his sense of right and wrong would compel him beyond his sense of need and want.  I thought his love would override the ego’s need for lust.

I was wrong.

It was the first time I’d been cheated on.  I was a young girl.  Little did I know, it wouldn’t be the last.  And the pain would feel the same.  Everytime.

Most of us have been in this place.  Know this feeling of numbness.  The vortex of feelings hurt and anger cloaked in gut wrenching betrayal.  For some deeper feelings like depression, rage and revenge surface.  

It’s not so much the act as it is the lies, the feeling of being abandoned.  All this time you think he’s got my back.  (All the while someone is blowing his front).   Even at a young age I knew the power of a man’s word.  You lean into it, trust it, cling to it when things get rough, in the relationship, in life. And when I can’t believe what you say, it’s hard to believe anything else about you.

This was my introduction to relationship.  This was the first man (boy) I trusted.  So much so, I trusted him beyond friendship, I trusted him with my body.  He was my lover, my first lover.  I thought being trusted with such a gift would inspire commitment beyond biology.  

What I didn’t know then was how much I had it all collapsed into one big emotional soup.  My trust, our friendship, biology, betrayal, his love, my love, my definition of my femininity, sexuality, attractiveness, and self esteem were all coupled together, tangled in a mess of hormones, and the angst of young love.

Too much was riding on his ability to be faithful, my ability to handle it maturely.  What I know now is that some things change and some things never do.  

Men will always been men, and women women.  It’s not so much that we need to trust one another, it’s that we need to learn to trust ourselves without relying on the definitions of one another, without allowing the relationship define who we are as individuals.  So many times, cheating hurts so much because we make it mean something about the cheatee, not the cheater.  That’s not to imply that I or anyone who’s been cheated on is perfect.  But if someone breaks their commitment to you, that has little to do with you and everything to do with them.

We should always seek to take responsibility in relationship and own our actions or lack thereof when it comes to creating a health relationship.

And we can never allow the actions of someone else to define how we feel about ourselves, to change our character, who we know ourselves to be at our core.

A lesson I learned all too well in the next chapter of my love life



7 Tips to Attract Better Applicants for your Relationship Vacancy

Ladies are you sick of dating?Application

Gentlemen are you tired of the hunt?

I hear this ALOT!  Even more than the catch all “There are not good men/women out there.”  

As an HR Consultant, one of the things I work with companies to improve is their strategy around recruiting and selection.  

As a Coach I work with men and women to improve the quality of their dating and relationships.  After speaking at several Group functions for both men and women, one of the things I kept hearing was how frustrated everyone was with “the whole thing” – the dating thing.  

I believe “the whole thing” people are referring to was the dating process!  Online or offline people seem to feel like it’s a drag, a drain, a demoralizing drama that has you contemplate staying single the rest of your life, or settling for the quarterly conjugal visit with your FWB.  I used to think it had to do with the age of the “dater/datee”.  Then I kept hearing the same complaints from over 40, under 40, even peeps just getting started in their 20’s.

I think what’s really happening is that people feel like they aren’t getting “quality” candidates for their romantic relationship “vacancy”.

I used to respond to this complaint with a bit of sass, stating perhaps you need to consider “taking a better application.”  Then one day, I realized there’s meat on that bone.

A vacancy is a vacancy in life.  And, because we are human beings, we use “a process” consciously or unconsciously to fill the voids in our lives.  

Whether your process is find-kill-destroy (to rectify all the crimes against women), or snag- em-bag-em (to rectify all the crimes against men) , love-for-sex, sex-for-love, friends-then-benefits-then-relationship, or hook-ups-only, it’s still a process.  You still have a relationship intention, selection criteria, an “interview” process, and an offer is extended.

Human beings are always communicating verbally, behaviorally, intellectually, spiritually what we want.  The question is:

Do you actually know what you are communicating?  

Do you know what relationship vacancy you are ‘advertising”?  

And moreover, are you aware of the process by which you are choosing your “applicants”.  

Yes, ladies (and gentlemen) we choose our candidates.   We smile and make eye contact across the room, we send emails, reply to texts, and make/return calls to people.  These people have now become a part of your candidate pool.

People always say dating is a game.

Dating isn’t a game.  

If we want to get technical dating is a process.

It is a socially engineered process designed to help you make an informed decision about who you choose to share your life with and for how long.

Most of us go through this process on autopilot, believing what we’ve seen on tv or heard from friends, family, books, religion, and social norms.  You can be informed by all of these, and at the end of the day, you much choose what your process will be.

There is great information out there.  AND, you must still do your work, do your part to actively participate in filling your romantic vacancy.  Or, you can 1)leave the entire process up to someone else (the datee); or 2) remain on auto-pilot and allow your subconscious wants, needs, and wishes to play out in your dating life over and over again i.e., you date that same type of guy/gal over and over again.

So how do we “take a better application?”


Here are 7 Steps to help you attract and retain high quality applicants for your relationship vacancy.

1 – Your Relationship Intention aka. The Job Description/Posting:  Know what you want and what you don’t want.  Most of us just want a “relationship”.  Well that’s a pretty vague description.  If you were hiring for anything else you wouldn’t just post “Receptionist” would you?  This may not be something you put online (it could be) but it’s definitely something you hold in your heart.  You gotta know what you are a yes to, so you can be clear about your no.

2 – Taking Applications/Reviewing Resumes:  Online or offline this is the process by which you are getting to know someone.  If this is online, you have quite a bit of information at your fingertips.  When recruiting, I am looking for 5-7 key things before I even consider the candidate any further.  This works offline too if you ask your 5-7 key questions during the course of your interaction. It should provide you enough information to know if this person actually fits into your relationship intention.  These questions ideally go beyond chemistry and attraction. Things that have them discuss goals, views, wants, needs, and wishes they have for their life and their relationship intention.  You aren’t looking for perfection, but someone you can connect with.

3 – Connecting Offline/Phone Screening:  Talk. On. The. Phone.  Have a conversation, that is not text or email.  Actually know what he/she sounds like.  One better, get bold and face-time.  You can find out a lot about a person in a 15-30 minute conversation.  Don’t underestimate the power of the sound of someone’s voice and their ability to communicate and connect with you in a powerful way.  And if you’re not feeling it, you just saved yourself, time, money, and make up by not meeting this person for that coffee “interview.”

4 – The Date/Interviews:  Ok, yes, I’m using hiring as a metaphor but that said, This should not feel like an interrogation or an interview, rather a really engaging conversation.  Let your curiosity lead the way.  There should be a natural flow between you two if you let your interests lead rather than your need to complete your checklist.  If you are interested, the checklist gets completed naturally.  If you are not, who cares.  Just like in the real world, you end the date/interview early and thank the person for their time.  And just like the best interviews, they don’t feel Q&A sessions, but rather great conversations.

5 – Courting/Dating/The 2nd Interview(s): Hopefully, you are feeling the presence of possibility with this person.  So a second date may actually be comprised of some experiential exercises, i.e. you do something together where you two are not the sole focus.  This allows you to see how they interact with others and handle themselves in a variety of situations.

6 – Meeting My Peeps/Team Interview:  Before you get too far down this road, you should have them meet a few key players in your life.  People who you love and trust, and most importantly people who can and will tell you the truth.  They already love you and have your best interest at heart.  They are objective and haven’t had sex with this person so they aren’t attached to any outcome except your happiness.  Invite the person to a social group activity.  Don’t prep anyone just go out and have fun.  After the date is over, ask them for their honest opinion.   Find out what they think about the person, and then about him/her in your life as a mate.  Hey, if your peeps aren’t interested in your happiness, then you have bigger problems than dating.

7 – Job Offer/Exclusive Dating – AKA The FB Status Change:  Presuming all is well and you’ve had “the talk”, and you are now in a relationship or at least discussing what that looks like, basically you’ve made and/or accepted a job offer or relationship agreement and are moving ahead.  Just like in a real world, when you have a new role/position, the first 90-days are really crucial.  Most of what you experience at this point will likely be new.  This is where you will really get to know the person and either fall madly in love (if you haven’t already) or become completely disenchanted with them or the relationship.  This is where you really gotta ask yourself the tough question, “Is this what I want?”  “Is he/she what I want?”  “If nothing changed am I happy with who they are and what we have?”  And before you get too far down the road of the 90 days or beyond, if it isn’t ringing your bells, trust your gut, and cut bait.  Don’t waste time trying to make something or someone fit into your life when it just doesn’t.  It’s work for you, and painful for them.

Make the grown up decision.  Let them go; and set yourself free.  People aren’t likely to change who they are, and what they are up to.  What you are seeing in this phase is the real deal.  So if it’s not working for you, wonderful!  You gave it a shot.  Played full out, followed a conscious process, and this one didn’t make the cut.  That’s ok.  But you are making a more informed choice, and able to stay in it giving it a real chance before, rather than some vague excuse like well he’s not over six feet, or she doesn’t cook.


If you don’t have the results you want, the relationship you want, it is likely that you are not clear about the intention and the process you are using to get there.  

Dating is a process.  There is no getting around this.  Like weight loss, you gotta put in the time and effort to get the results.

Is it possible to meet your soul-mate and things escalate quickly?


Is that the norm?

Not usually!

If you are truly wanting to be in a relationship with depth and substance, that takes time.  It takes being open to sharing yourself and getting to know someone.  

Contrary to popular belief dating and relationships are a process, not a moment, or a weekend, or even a game.  That defining moment, the actual “click” may never come, if you aren’t taking the time, making time, for you and the person to actually connect – beyond the profile, beyond texting, beyond email, in other words beyond the resume.

Gain Power through Pleasure and Passion – 5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Without Beating Yourself Up

My birthday is my new year.  This is when I set my goals, and decide what kind year I want to have going forward.  Generally I create a theme based upon what I want, more specifically how I want to feel. Personal Power

This year, I want to explode!  Specifically, I want more pleasure, passion, and power.  Not power as in “world domination.”  Power as in the ability to see it, believe it, and achieve it within one year, no excuses or exceptions!  

As I woman I know I am most open, most receptive in life when we are in the thoroughs of pleasure and passion. When I am giving someone, or some-thing, my all.  When I am simply a wide open channel, totally surrendering to the moment. That happens when we are 100% confident in ourselves – not just our skills and ability, but our look, our walk, our talk, our femininity, our ability to deliver.  If you feel confident about yours skills, but not your shoes, you do not deliver with as much power or passion at the podium, so to speak — too busy making sure the your shoes are hidden.  That’s not to say you don’t do well.  But regardless of the results when we don’t feel good, feel confident, the results ultimately don’t matter.  

How many women (and men) got it going on and no matter how much you say it, they do not feel it, believe it, live it.  Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence are the building blocks of poor relationships and abuse, both giving and receiving, to self and others.

Think about a time when you felt the most free, not worried about anything.  It was likely at some point when you were having a good time.  When your face was turned to the sun, you were laughing, dancing, playing, giggling, perhaps even climaxing (had to throw that in there it counts!).  No one is thinking about their “shoes,” i.e. their education, career path, weight, or makeup, in the midst of unbridled joy, ecstasy, or pleasure.  You are open, receptive, all in for all the moment has to offer.   Continue Reading

Waiting for Thor: Five Ways You Might Have Unrealistic Expectations of Men You Date

Ok,Thor I wanted to call this Waiting for Superman until I realized it was a documentary on the education system in DC – great piece BTW. Then I realized that Thor and his “enchanted hammer” might be a far better example for 2014. And at the very least Chris Hemsworth – cast as Thor – is dreamy!

I am enamored with superheros! I always have been. I must have been one in a former life, I am sure of it! I mean what’s not to love, they have perfect bodies, amazing powers, deep sensitive personalities, even the brooding bad boy or nerdy types are hot. Some are rich, many are handsome, and a few are down-right sexy! What’s not to love?

But superheros aren’t reality. And, I don’t live in the Marvel or DC Universe (fictional worlds that birthed these yummy men). Neither Superman, nor Thor is waiting around to take me away from all of “this”. And truthfully I don’t want to be taken away. What I really want is my version of Thor, to come into my life (with his “enchanted hammer” of course) and we create a very real, and deeply satisfying relationship.

But I’ve noticed lately, that’s not what’s being promoted out there in the real world. We got The Millionaire Matchmaker, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Doctor segment on Dr. Oz, not to mention all of the romantic comedies and love stories featuring Morris Chestnut, and Ryan Gosling. All these men are “perfect”. Well their resumes are any way. The have great jobs, great bodies, handsome faces, lots of money, a mansion, fast cars, they know how to dress, they are sensitive, caring, and want a commitment to only one woman.

Yet, when leading groups and seminars for women, that just doesn’t seem to be the reality. Women (and men for that matter) are frustrated, lonely, sad, and disappointed. They’ve somehow chosen to “renovate” Mr. Potential, or they are waiting for one of these impeccable resume guys to come along. Neither of which ever works out for anyone.

I’m not saying Thor Continue Reading

All The Single Mommies . . . 5 Simple Ways to Bring Your Sexy Back!

As a single-mom, we often get so caught up in playing mommy (and for some of us daddy too) that we don’t take time to see ourselves as anything other than a mom. We are very in touch with the nurturing, maternal side of our femininity, but not the womanly, sensual, sexy side of our femininity. Part of being an empowered woman, an irresistible woman, is taking the time to acknowledge your femininity outside of motherhood.

Sexy Silhoettes

It’s hard for us to be the provider, the cook, the maid, the secretary, the chauffer, the soccer-mom, and the mommy who kisses boo-boos all in one day; for some of us all in one hour! It can get crazy sometimes – Ask me how I know this?!  And then, turn around and be the vixen, the goddess, the fem-fatal, who looks like Venus, and seduces men with just one glance.  And in all honesty, who are we kidding, most women are just too tired to even thing about any of that.  Even women I know who are married, say their favorite activity is sleep when they do not have their children — and by sleep they do not mean “sex with their husbands.”  They mean sleep for hours at a time no interruption and no one to tell them when they have to wake up.

The first thing is as acknowledge that you want it and on some level we actually need it. Dr. Phil once stated that children are meant to leave us.  We are responsible for their total care when they are first born and then they gradually begin to care for themselves as they grow older.  If we’ve done our jobs well, this is a seamless transition for the child and for ourselves.  We’ve given enough attention to their care and development and harmonized with our own as they grow older.

There are some women who have no identity, no sense of femininity, Continue Reading